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Mar 24, 2019

How to Install PrestaShop on Ubuntu 18.04

PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce platform. It is based on PHP and MySQL and can be extended with free and premium plugins and themes. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PrestaShop on Ubuntu 18.04 server.

Mar 23, 2019

How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 18.04

In this tutorial we'll explain how to set up static IP address on Ubuntu 18.04. Setting a static IP address on your Ubuntu machine may be required in different situations, such as configuring port forwarding or running a media server on your network.

Mar 21, 2019

How to Install Slack on Ubuntu 18.04

Slack is one of the most popular collaboration platform in the world that brings all your communication together. This tutorial explains how to install Slack on Ubuntu 18.04.

Mar 13, 2019

Install RPM packages on Ubuntu

Alien is a tool that supports conversion between Red Hat rpm, Debian deb, Stampede slp, Slackware tgz, and Solaris pkg file formats. This is not the recommended way to install software packages in Ubuntu. Whenever possible you should prefer installing software from the Ubuntu repositories.

Mar 9, 2019

How to Enable and Set up Automatic Unattended Security Updates on Ubuntu 18.04

Mar 8, 2019

How to Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 18.04

Mar 6, 2019

How to Enable and Disable Root User Account in Ubuntu

Mar 4, 2019

How to Install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 18.04

Feb 25, 2019

How to Install OpenCart on Ubuntu 18.04

Feb 22, 2019

How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu 18.04